A Cost-Effective System for Automated Scrub Management
ScrubServe dispensers only issue clean scrubs to authorised staff. Each staff member can access a clean scrub set on a one-for-one exchange basis

Rotary Dispenser Cart – Fully Automatic Dispensing

The Rotary Dispenser can securely dispense scrubwear, uniform items, uniform accessories, aprons, towels, lab-coats and disposable items, etc. Please see the information sheet download link below.

Only authorized users with an ID-card can obtain access to clean uniforms. Combined with an optional soiled Receiver Chute staff must return soiled items before they can access further clean items. An optional Receiver provides credit for returned items, and records a digital image of all returned items which minimizes inventory abuse.

By ensuring clean uniforms are only issued to authorized staff, and that they are securely returned after use, your inventory replacement costs and associated laundry costs can be controlled and minimized.

Rotary dispenser is easily managed using our Management Software provided with each system. Our management software can be used to manage your entire system, staff requirements, inventory and generate reports, etc.

Rotary dispenser units are available in Standard and Slimline capacity versions, both designed to locate conveniently within your facility.

Rotary dispenser can also be offered with RFID capability.

Rotary Dispenser

Rotary Dispenser Cart – Fully Automatic Dispensing


Available in Standard capacity:

Available in Slimline capacity:


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For full information please download the information sheet below

RFID Receiver Chute