ScrubServe Automated Dispenser
ScrubServe Swipe
ScrubServe Swipe
Stop unauthorized users gaining access to your scrubs and resolve your scrub management issues

Take control of your scrub service with

Losing your scrub inventory?
Scrub inventory and laundry costs increasing?
Hassle ensuring scrubs are available?
Are you considering an automated solution?

Stop unauthorized access to scrubs and fully automate the issue of scrub wear in your hospital.

With ScrubServe, only authorized users with an ID-card can obtain access to scrub uniforms and staff must return the items they have before they can access further clean items. Our scrub dispenser can securely dispense theatre scrubs, lab coats and even disposable items.

By ensuring scrubs are only issued to authorized staff, and that they are returned after use, your inventory replacement costs and associated hospital laundry costs can be controlled and minimized. With ScrubServe you have control, and abuse of the service can be eliminated.

Staff will no longer be able to hoard scrubs in their locker, unauthorized staff will no longer have access, and the medical staff who need clean scrubs can be sure of obtaining the size they require when they need them, 24/7/365.

ScrubServe is designed for ease of use. Pre-programed from our factory, units can be installed and commissioned immediately and are designed to operate as an easy to operate standalone system.

Of course, if you require a fully centralized PC-based system with web-based reporting then the system can be scaled to your specific requirements.

ScrubServe eliminates possible cross-infection by specifically separating scrub issue and scrub return units. Our system does not combine clean scrub dispensing alongside the soiled return bin in the same cabinet. Our system units are designed to have a small, compact, corridor friendly format that can be unobtrusively placed within your property.

Automate your scrub service